Mumbai Saga to hit theaters for the first time, official announcement soon

Mumbai Saga will first hit theaters (Photo credit – IMDb)

This is yet another encouraging news in the week where several announcements have already arrived for films hitting theaters first. While no less than 15 films have already announced their intentions over the past 5-6 days regarding their theatrical release plans, soon Mumbai Saga would announce the same. What makes it all the more heartwarming is the fact that it was almost ready to premiere on Amazon Prime. However, the recent round of conversations has pretty much confirmed that this will be the theaters for the biggie first.

“Aside from Sooryavanshi, Radhe and 83, if there was another biggie who waited patiently for a year to make a theatrical arrival, it was Mumbai Saga. For a very long time, everyone associated with the film insisted on not going for an OTT premiere. However, a few weeks ago the deal was finally made with Amazon Prime. It was done with a heavy heart since both John Abraham and Sanjay Gupta felt that they had done something for the big screen and to deny the public that would be unfair, ”our source informs.

There were a lot of flip-flops that happened even after the news of OTT’s release was announced, but even as the final date was being worked out, John Abraham felt that the Mumbai Saga should only arrive first in the cinemas.

“He’s a big screen hero, period,” says one insider, “there are hardly any top men who are still in their prime after being in the company for 20 years. . He has all respect for OTT channels but truly believes that a film has to hit theaters first for a true emetic cinema experience. He didn’t want to compromise on this with Mumbai Saga.

He pitched his point of view to the creators and as Sanjay put his heart too much into making Mumbai Saga for a true big screen experience, there wasn’t much to convince with the other stakeholders.

“It’s now about setting up the final paperwork with everyone associated with the film, but it would be done quite quickly,” adds our insider, “It’s only a matter of a few days before a No official announcement comes in. In all likelihood, the film will hit theaters in March itself and will further benefit from the advantage of an early arrival.

This is good news that we would indeed expect.

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