Mumbai Saga and Roohi Have Minimum Collections on Friday

Box Office – Mumbai Saga and Roohi have minimum collections on Friday (Photo credit: Instagram / Varun Sharma & IMDb)

Mumbai Saga and Roohi had minimum collections on Friday, with the combined collections of the two films being less than 1 crore. While the gangster cop saga led by Sanjay Gupta was here 50 lakhs * on the second Friday, Roohi was near 25 lakhs * the third Friday.

This is the same day that Godzilla vs Kong managed to collect 4.22 crores the first Friday, which puts Bollywood film collections into perspective. That said, the Mumbai Saga fight was apparent from Wednesday even when the drops started to arrive, so the tiny numbers are not surprising.

As for Roohi, everything that happens now is an added bonus and therefore anything beyond the 22 crores accumulated after two weeks is something to simply add to the kitty.

Currently, Mumbai Saga is located at 13.93 crore * while Roohi gathered 22.25 crore *. You can’t expect the usual Saturday jumps for any of these movies and so it’s a waiting scenario to find out where the total would end up ending up.

* Estimates. Final figures expected

Note: all collections according to production and distribution sources

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