MRC Non-Fiction & Rolling Stone Films have Rudy Giuliani documentary in the works – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Former New York mayor turned Donald Trump’s controversial fixer Rudy Giuliani is becoming excellent fodder for feature documentaries. This morning, Deadline learned that a second docu is in the works on the former mob crusader of MRC Non-Fiction and Rolling Stone Films’ New York-based U.S. Attorney General with Oscar-nominated Zach Heinzerling (Cutie and the boxer) and Gabrielle Schonder (The NRA: under fire) in the chairmen of the directors.

My colleague Peter White snapped earlier this morning that another documentary by Giuliani from the team behind the recent WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $ 47 Billion Unicorn doc is also in development.

The MRC Non-Fiction and Rolling Stone version will be based on magazine scribe Seth Hettena’s 2020 article “What Happened to the US Mayor?”. MRC Non-Fiction is funding the project, which should be released in 2022.

Rudy Giuliani, documentary featured in the works of Campfire Studios and the team behind Hulu’s ‘WeWork’ movie

The non-fiction film Heinzerling and Schonder will reflect on what Giuliani once represented to most Americans: a man whose constant response to the September 11, 2001 attacks transcended partisan politics and turned him into a national hero. He will explore in more detail how the man dubbed “America’s Mayor” fell out of favor and into a downward spiral that marred his once venerable reputation.

After consulting with the country’s former POTUS, Giuliani is currently the subject of a Justice Department criminal investigation as authorities recently raided his New York home and office. A low point for Giuliani came on November 7 when he made false claims about rigged voting machines following the 2020 presidential election between Joe Biden and Trump. The press conference was held at Four Season Total Landscaping, a small business in the Holmesburg neighborhood near northeast Philadelphia, Pa., Near a sex shop and crematorium. At the bail, Giuliani called a witness to the vote counting shenanigans, Daryl Brooks, who Politico said was a convicted sex offender.

“Zach and Gabrielle are both thoughtful storytellers who have had incredible success telling rich stories about complicated characters,” said Amit Dey, head of MRC Non-Fiction. “Of all that can be said about Rudy Giuliani, ‘complicated’ may be an understatement, but Seth’s article captured the essence of what we believe to be a true American epic, from Flatbush. at Four Seasons Landscaping, no matter where it ends.

“Rarely has a public figure in America fallen in the public eye so quickly,” says Jason Fine, director of content development at Rolling Stone. “As we have reported on Rudy’s downfall – his bizarre political maneuvers, shady business deals, and now being the subject of a criminal investigation by the same US attorney’s office in Manhattan that he once led.” – we see its story as a parable for the dark forces. who shaped American politics.

Heinzerling is replaced by UTA. Schonder is replaced by ICM.

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