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In 2013, when the star of Mohanlal Drishyam came out, it was the biggest hit of the year. Not only did this create waves in the state of Kerala, but the film was later remade in four other languages: Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. Mohanlal’s character Georgekutty has become another popular character in his career that he will be remembered for years to come. Therefore, when Drishyam 2 was announced by director Jeethu Joseph with the same cast, expectations for the same were high. However, it is widely observed that blockbuster movie sequels often fail to meet the expectations of its prequel. So the team of Drishyam 2 succeed in breaking this trend and emerge victorious? Let’s find out.

For those who haven’t watched Part 1, here’s a quick recap: Georgekutty is a cable operator who lives with his wife Rani and two children Anju and Anu, both minors. Anju’s classmate Varun records him taking a bath on a school trip after refusing his advances. He demands a favor in exchange for removing the video. One night, Varun enters Georgekutty’s house to meet Anju and also confronts Rani. In their fight, Anju hits him in the head which leads to his death. Georgekutty, upon learning about it, swears to save his family at all costs and sets up an elaborate plan that he has learned from the multiple crime thrillers he has watched over the years and comes out with success. But what happens years later with this perfect crime is what takes place in Drishyam 2.

Without giving away any spoilers, the film begins where we saw Georgekutty come out of a police station under construction after having buried Varun’s body. However, what we don’t know is that there was someone that night who saw Georgekutty coming out of the building. However, the man named Jose was arrested within 30 minutes for the murder of his brother-in-law. Cut to six years later, we see that Georgekutty now runs a movie theater in the city and plans to make his own movie and has a script that has been around for two or three years. Meanwhile, their eldest daughter Anju still hasn’t fully recovered from the past incident. She no longer speaks and lives her life as before and also suffers from epilepsy. In the midst of this, a new IG in town is quietly investigating the case with the best resources possible and even manages to unlock Georgekutty’s secret. What Georgekutty does next is what the movie is about.

Director Jeethu Joseph, who also wrote the script for the film, did a good job breaking down a crime thriller. He takes his time explaining what Georgekutty’s brain has been up to over the years. While several parts of Georgekutty’s plan may not seem logical this time around, Jeethu addressed the same in the film as well. The scenario could have been tighter. Part one focuses largely on the fear that lingers in the minds of Georgekutty and his family and takes their time getting the main witness to recognize his worth in this case where the film essentially chooses. Considering this to be a sequel, the filmmaker could have avoided spending much of the first half explaining the family’s fears. The second half of the film picks up speed and a few major reveals are made that put the film together. There are scenes with the family that will make you laugh amid the constant fear they live in.

Jeethu Joseph is doing a good job with his management. However, since all of his attention was on Georgekutty and his family, the plot of some of the character actors presents a few details. The main eyewitness to the case, Jose, is considered important until he reveals exactly what he saw to the police. In the first half, we are also introduced to his wife and mother and how their relationship is broken because of his crime. But we never see them in the second half. Likewise, the plot of Georgekutty’s neighbors, Savitri and Sabu, seems incomplete given the huge role they play in their lives.

Movie review: Drishyam 2 (Malayalam)

Speaking of performances, Mohanlal effortlessly slips into the character of Georgekutty after all these years. He doesn’t have great dialogues and lets his actions speak for themselves. He is the anchor that keeps the family together, despite the secrecy he keeps within himself, which can put his whole family in danger. Meena, who plays Rani, is constantly in a state of worry for her eldest daughter Anju who now suffers from epilepsy and is unable to have a good husband. Meena is convincing as Rani, a mother who constantly worries about her eldest daughter’s marriage and her younger daughter Anu’s change in attitude. The youngest Anu seems to have left the trauma inflicted on her and is living her life to the fullest. At the start of the film, Anu shows himself to be close to a boy from his college but does not have the confidence to tell his family about him. The boy’s background is later known to the public, but the creators do not take him forward, leaving the public to wonder what happened. Actors Murali Gopi, Siddique, Asha Sharath and Sai Kumar enrich the film with their performances. Some of the character’s cast, especially in the climax court scene, go overboard, thus interfering with the scene.

The movie has only one song reflecting Rani’s mood and growing concern for family, a song that feels rather forced. Anil Johnson’s background music is average, but adds to the scenes where disclosures are made. Satheesh Kurup does a decent job with cinematography. He keeps the frames tight when the family is having happy personal moments. He uses wide shots when Georgekutty is on the move in the city to let the public know that even after all these years, the townspeople haven’t forgotten the case and have their own set of conspiracy theories they are discussing. often when they see. Georgekutty. Editor VS Vinayak could have kept the first half tighter, but it went too far with the use of the zoom effect when shocking revelations are made. However, this can be justified to some extent, given that the protagonist is a huge fan of the films and all of his shots are quite dramatic.

Generally, Drishyam 2 lives up to the expectations one has after watching the prequel. The creators succeed in giving fans a crime thriller they deserve.

Rating: 3.5 stars


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