Most of the videos appeared not to be watched on YouTube

A new report published revealed statistics on video content and video views on popular video streaming platform YouTube. According to the report, less than 1% of YouTube videos can exceed 100 thousand views.

Pex, an analytics firm based in Los Angeles, observes social media platforms around the world. The company published a report called “state of YouTube” in 2018, updating the same report again for 2019.

In its report published in 2018, Pex revealed that only 0.64% of the videos on the video streaming site owned by Google were watched more than 100 thousand. This rate did not see a big increase in 2019, and only 0.77% of the videos reached 100 thousand views on YouTube.

YouTube video watch statistics

According to the company’s report, the rate of videos reaching 100 thousand views is quite low, while the rate of videos reaching a very small number of viewers is quite high. In its report, Pex explained that 88.4% of videos on YouTube were watched less than 1000. Let us remind you that the analysis was made on the videos that were publicly released as of December 31, 2019.

Another interesting point reached in the report is that music videos become more valuable in 2019. Music videos accounted for 22% of all YouTube views in 2019, a 2% increase over 2018. What makes this statistic interesting is that music videos only make up 5% of the content on YouTube.

The content categories of YouTube videos are as follows;

Entertainment: 10%
Game: 37%
People and blog: 24%
Film and animation: 5%
Other: 19%

Music videos accounted for 83% of the videos that reached more than 1 billion views in 2019. This rate was 1.5% for entertainment videos and 0.5% for game videos. Also, according to the report, 33% of new videos uploaded to YouTube are added to the game category. Pex analyst Justin Koh said that while game videos make up the majority of content on YouTube, entertainment and music videos also make up the majority of views. However, although the music and entertainment categories get the majority of views, they only make up 15% of the content.

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