Moon Knight: New details of this Spectacular Marvel series

Somagnews brings new news and some details of the Moon Knight series from Marvel Studios Check it out!

Marvel Studios may have found its lead for ‘Moon Knight’ in Oscar Isaac from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but casting for the Disney + television series continues and great actors are expected to arrive for casting.

Now, The Illumined is reporting that a search is underway for two supporting characters to join the show, which will feature the live debut of ‘Marc Spector’.

Looking for more leads for ‘Moon Knight’

As the site explains, “One is for a female lead in her 30s described as Egyptian and strong (no BS), and the other is for a British male lead in her 50s and 60s in a strong, potentially outspoken supporting role. to Europeans “.

It is difficult to say who these characters could be, although it is certainly possible that they are Marlene Alraune and Jean-Paul “Frenchie” Duchamp. The former is one of Marc Spector’s love interests and the daughter of a prominent archaeologist, while “Frenchie” is an ally of the hero who serves as a pilot and mechanic.

The site also claims that ‘Moon Knight’ will don a silver cape in the series, a slight change from his typically all-white outfit in the comics. Depending on the artist, it usually looks white or silver, so this is not a major change.

The production of ‘Moon Knight’ is expected to begin in London next March 2020. Follow Somagnews and stay informed of everything that happens with this incredible Marvel series that will air on Disney +.

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