Monday Movie Review & Movie Summary (2021)

Stan and Gough enjoy a fun flirtation at first, as expats in their mid-30s meet cute at a summer dance party in Athens. The fact that they are kissing intensely before even learning each other’s names, as the music beats and bodies bump all around them, is a good indication of the volatility that awaits us (and Papadimitropoulos puts us at the center of the action through a long and immersive traveling shot). Mickey has been a DJ in the city for seven years, having fled New York when his band was in full swing. Chloe is an immigration lawyer who is about to return to the United States after 18 months. But when they meet on that fateful Friday, it seems highly unlikely that they will say goodbye and return to their normal lives the following Monday.

Papadimitropoulos and Rob Hayes’ screenplay uses a series of Fridays as its structure – some happy, some painful, but all eventful in some way to mark the passage of time as this unlikely relationship continues, with the inevitable return to reality. a Monday. lurking in the distance. Hence the title. But this sensitive breakup remains at bay, and we still wonder why as it becomes more and more clear that these two really aren’t meant for each other. A party they throw to meet friends goes off in a fun way, horribly wrong as it becomes apparent how different Mickey and Chloe are depending on the company they have. The two groups are odious, yes, but in contrasting ways: his pals are chic assholes, his are brash boors. There isn’t a single person in this movie that you’d want to spend a lot of time with, and yet, here we are.

But a few scenes shed some light on who these characters are – or rather, who Stan’s is. Irish stage actress Gough, for all her vibrant physiognomy, is more of a passenger, which is odd considering she plays the go-getter responsible for both. One of them occurs when a former member of Mickey’s band (Dominique Tipper) – who has now achieved some solo success – comes to town to play a gig and makes him doubt his hedonistic lifestyle. Stan, best known for his role as the Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Jeff Gillooly in “I, Tonya,” has a rare chance to show romantic magnetism as well as dramatic subtlety, so much so. makes you wish a more solid material for it.

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