Modern Family’s Steve Levitan Honors Larry King – Deadline

Modern family Co-creator Steve Levitan took to Twitter to pay tribute to the late great Larry King with a story about when the iconic media figure found his credit card while on vacation in Canada.

Levitan tweeted: “A true story: I spent a week in Canada on a lake with friends. A day after wakeboarding, I realized the ziplock bag with my Amex, driver’s license, and $ 100 in cash had stolen out of the boat.

After coming to terms with the fact that he had lost his things until a few days later, he learned that someone had found his things.

“We didn’t have internet where I was staying, so I didn’t register on Twitter until several days later,” he tweeted. “That’s when I saw a tweet from a guy saying my credit card, money and license had washed up on his shore. To my surprise, this guy was Larry King!

King’s tweet included videos of him claiming to pay for expensive dinners with Levitan’s credit card. the Modern family co-creator appreciated King for doing this. He tipped her hat over.

King died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Saturday after it was revealed he had been hospitalized with coronavirus and spent time in intensive care.

Read Levitan’s full Twitter thread below.

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