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MIUI Security is a robust and full-featured cybersecurity tool designed to keep your Xiaomi smartphone secure and optimized. With its full set of useful features, surprisingly, it will only take a few minutes to run a full in-depth scan. By immediately identifying any issues or items that need to be removed, it will simultaneously provide you with a quick and automated way to free up space and memory on your smartphone.

The interface in MIUI Security apk is what you would expect from virtually any security/optimization app, and is still in line with other apps developed in-house at Xiaomi. It includes a wide variety of functions, but fortunately, accessing each of the tools is very intuitive. All you have to do is scroll down the main menu to select whichever function you need.

MIUI Security keeps all the files on your Xiaomi smartphone safe and secure. You’ll also find options to wipe anything you no longer use or need. Opt to restrict access to certain apps, boost your system speed when running a CPU and RAM-intensive game or app, or you can also set it to seamlessly deliver a fully resource-optimized experience.

MIUI Security has all the essential tools to keep your device running like new. In addition, it will identify suspicious files (which could pose a threat to your smartphone’s security) and look for clumsy files that take up too much space.

Mi Security app review

As mentioned above, the main function of Mi Security is to provide a defensive layer against malwares. For this function, there are some settings that are managed in the phone’s settings. For example, the security function will automatically run before the application is fully installed on the phone. In other words, it will run the scanning process to make sure that there is no malware infiltrated into the app. Then, it will also automatically run virus definitions. In this case, you can choose specific definition sources, and then the updates will run automatically in the background. This app is not available on Google Play Store, but it is available on Xiaomi Apps Market.

In addition, Mi Security not only provides a protective defense against virus. In fact, it also provides functions to clean devices from caches and other junk on phones. This will clean the storage. Once the cleaner is activated, it will also clean the running app in the background. In addition to its cleaner, it also has Boost Speed feature that can be activated to lock some apps.


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