Miles Morales will squeeze the news from the console

Spider-Man Director: Miles Morales explains how players will feel through the DualSense, the PS5 controller, when they control Spider-Man.

Brian Horton, creative director of Spider-Man: Miles Morales for PS5, has shared new details on how the new work from Insomniac Games will take advantage of the capabilities of the DualSense.

The controller that will accompany the new generation of PlayStation stands out for functions such as haptic feedback, whose precision allows them to “create all kinds of new experiences.” Horton notes that players “will receive hints of where the attacks are coming from according to the corresponding direction in the controller” through it.

The director gives an example of an action that we will perform with Morales: “when you hold down the square button to launch a poison blow, you feel the crackle of Spider-Man’s bioelectricity, which begins on the left side of the controller and ends on the right with the impact ”. This way of feeling each movement is due to the “high resolution of the haptic system” of the DualSense. “We can take the dimensions of feedback to the limit,” he concludes.

Launch game on PS5

Spider-Man: Miles Morales will arrive on PS5 with the launch of the console at the end of 2020. Last July we knew that it will have an optional performance mode that will allow you to play it at 4K resolution and 60 images per second. Although it has not been specified, its existence may indicate the presence of other display formats. What we do know is that the puddles will be enhanced thanks to ray tracing.

Miles Morales will take the witness to the events of Marvel’s Spider-Man. It will be similar in format to that seen in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in terms of scale. The study calls it an “emotional” game and an “essential experience to expand the universe of Spider-Man.” Nadji Jeter, actor who has been in charge of embodying the protagonist, published a message in which he said he felt very lucky to have been able to take on this role. And yes, we already have an official cover.

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