Microsoft Project xCloud is coming to iPhone and iPad

Microsoft Project xCloud is testing a new version that allows remote gaming on iPhone and iPad devices. The new feature was introduced to TestFlight users this morning.

Microsoft Project xCloud is coming to iPhone and iPad

Software giant Microsoft, Project xCloud, which allows you to play any game you want, on any device, regardless of system requirements, was opened in September.

Project xCloud iPhone

The streaming service, initially available for Android devices, is now in beta as a beta version of the Xbox on the iPhone and iPad App Store. As The Verge points out, the new Xbox streaming option is similar to Sony’s PS4 Remote Play app on Apple iPhones and iPads.

The Xbox’s streaming feature will work outside of the home like the PlayStation version, allowing Xbox owners to access and play their games from their Xbox when they are away. The updated Xbox app is currently being tested by TestFlight members and will likely be available to everyone soon.

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