Microsoft poised to buy US portion of TikTok

TikTok, which has become one of the most popular social media networks in the world, is on the agenda with a surprise news. It looks like the service will have the US wing Microsoft.

Popularity dramatically increases the giant video application TikTok, as you know, is among the sine qua non of a large audience in Turkey. Especially coronaviruses a booming period in the last quarter and only fully downloaded 315 million times on popular social networks, the latest Personal Data Protection Board in Turkey (KVKK) was raised by the report were included in the investigation. The institution decided to open an investigation due to emerging “security vulnerability for protection of personal data” news and related notices. Now, an interesting development is on the agenda. As it is said, President Donald Trump wants to “force sell” TikTok’s US operation to developer firm ByteDance, and this section is preparing to purchase software giant Microsoft. This very new development looks really strange. Trump, who often raises his wish to ban TikTok, seems to have found a different way to control the application.

While Microsoft’s development has attracted a lot of attention, TikTok has received serious criticism on an important topic in recent months.

Popular practice came to the fore with a subject of “discrimination” and “censorship”. According to the documents found by Intercept, the platform applies a serious discrimination in the content recommended to people. According to official moderation rules, the company keeps the contents of “ugly, old, disabled and poor” people in the background. It is reported that criteria such as overweight, shapeless body type or ugly or very wrinkled facial errors have been determined and the videos hosting them have been made invisible on the recommendation pages. It is stated that the company does not even want videos shot in “poor looking” environments. Of course, this situation has received great reactions.

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