Microsoft or … Twitter? May be interested in buying TikTok

TikTok is in big trouble in the United States now that Donald Trump has signed an executive order for the Bytedance platform to stop operating in the country. As much as the company is appealing in court, the time given by Trump was short until the measure starts to count: 45 days.

Many say the decision was a way to pressure Bytedance to sell at least the North American operations of the service to Microsoft. The Redmond giant might still be interested in buying TikTok globally, but a new offer may come soon, and by another company.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Twitter is negotiating with TikTok to merge the app’s US operation. None of the companies wanted to comment on this story so far.

In any case, Twitter could increase its expressiveness in the market. Interestingly, the platform once owned Vine, which was also focused on short viral videos, but much more limited: the maximum duration was six seconds.

TikTok has until September 20 to operate in the United States and decide whether to be acquired partially or completely by any of these companies. Or perhaps others, as there is still a good window of time for further negotiations.

India also recently banned the app, alongside WeChat and others.

It is worth remembering, the problems that the platform has been suffering in several countries (still) does not reach Brazil, a region in which TikTok has been increasing its expressiveness since 2019.

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