Microsoft engineer fixes Google Chrome ‘classic flaw’

An engineer working with Microsoft Edge found the solution to a simple malfunction, but it has already bothered a lot of people using Google Chrome and based browsers.

The situation is not exactly serious, but it can be very frustrating. Normally, when dragging any file from the computer to a browser tab, such as an image or a PDF, the program updates the open tab to load the document. This can be problematic if you are filling out a registration or form, for example, and need to attach something in a specific area of ​​the page.

The novelty causes the file dragged by accident to be opened in a new tab instead of overlapping.

The official, known as ericlaw, posted on his blog how the change creation process went and exactly how it works. The change was sent to the Chromium code and has already been incorporated into the Canary version for developers, and should appear soon both in Chrome and in based browsers, such as the new version of Microsoft Edge itself.

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