Microsoft Edge, testing screen capture from the browser

The Microsoft Edge browser should soon gain a new feature: a screen capture mode that selects a fraction of the content displayed in the window and allows for several actions in sequence.

The function was discovered by the profile Aggiornamenti Lumia, who posted a preview of the news on Twitter. Check out:

The operation is quite simple: just click on the screen with the right button and select the option “Web Capture” or use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + S to activate the content selection.

After separating the desired snippet, in an activity very similar to the native Windows screen capture, you can save it as an image, share it through platforms such as social networks or messengers and leave it copied to be automatically pasted into another program .

For now, the screenshot of Edge is only available in the browser test version (called Edge Insider or Canary) and from A / B tests, selecting specific user groups to do the experiment before implementing the shortcut in definitive. For now, there is no provision for the feature to be added to the stable browser.

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