Microsoft doesn’t care about Sony selling more consoles

We are at least three months away from the launch of the next generation of consoles, which will bring to the market – as main competitors – the PlayStation 5, from Sony, and the Xbox Series X, from Microsoft. As we have seen, the first of these may reach the shelves as early as November 6th, but so far there is no more precise forecast on the date for the Japanese console.

And while many may consider that the number of sales will determine which of them will be more successful, it seems that Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, does not have that vision. The executive also pointed out, as a justification, that they would not make Microsoft exclusives available for PC if the intention was to fight with Sony or Nintendo for the leadership in the number of sales.

If [the highest number of sales] were our approach, we would not put our games on the PC. We wouldn’t put our games on Xbox One; we would not do xCloud and allow people to play on their phones. How many consoles do I sell versus how many consoles another company sells, Sony, Nintendo or any other company in the past, is not our approach.

Phil Spencer
Head of Xbox division at Microsoft

Spencer also explained that the gaming experience that his company offers to gamers is above the number of sales that the console will have. It is important to mention that, as the executive said, there is no title that is – in fact – exclusive to the Xbox One or Xbox Series X: they are all available for PC, so players are not obliged to buy the console from Microsoft to access company exclusives.

If Phil Spencer’s statements are sincere, the businessman was probably unmoved by recent research, which points out that the PS5 is expected to sell more consoles than the Xbox Series X.

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