Microsoft decides that xCloud will no longer come to iOS

The xCloud cloud gaming service will only be available for Android, Microsoft excludes iOS devices

All those who have iOS will no longer have access to the Project xCloud beta, since Microsoft decided to withdraw the beta version of Apple devices, so Android will have the exclusive cloud gaming service.

The announcement was made just after it was reported that xCloud will be part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on September 15, allowing all subscribers in 22 countries to access the service at no additional cost.

This means that xCloud will only be available on Android, while iOS devices no longer have the beta version, much less the final version that will be released in September.

Accordingly, Microsoft has not offered a launch date for the cloud gaming service on Apple devices, to the extent that the Microsoft spokesperson explained that the priority is currently Android users.

Project xCloud will be exclusive for Android devices

In the words of the Microsoft spokesperson, the pilot of the Project xCloud has ended for iOS devices and now they will focus on bringing the cloud gaming service as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to Android users, but that in the Future want to bring cloud gaming to all devices through Xbox Game Pass.

On other occasions, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, stated that the objective of xCloud is to bring the service to all devices, and that it should be as simple as Spotify, that is, that any device that has the capacity to play video can also play games.

With those statements it is clear that xCloud’s goal is long-term and that iOS is not close to entering Microsoft’s future plans.

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