Microsoft Announces Windows 10’s New Start Menu Design and Alt-Tab Combination

Microsoft has released the final test version of Windows 10. The released version updates the Alt-Tab combination while bringing a new design to the controversial Start Menu of Windows 10. It can also be further customized with the latest test version on Windows 10’s Taskbar.

US-based technology giant Microsoft’s work on Windows 10 continues without slowing down. It seems that the company has overcome the problems it has experienced due to the errors of Windows 10 Version 2004 it has just released and has set sail for new features. Because Microsoft has now announced the combination of the new Windows 10 Start Menu and the updated Alt-Tab.

The Start Menu has been one of Microsoft’s always discussed topics. Microsoft has not been able to catch users’ requests anyway, and as such, consumers have expressed their discomfort with the Start Menu. The final move from the Microsoft front reveals how the new Start Menu design will look. Obviously, it is not that easy to distinguish between new design and old design.

Here is the new Start Menu design of Windows 10

Microsoft uses a structure that Windows 10 calls Live Tiles in the Start Menu. This build is changing in the new Start Menu design of Windows 10. The company has chosen a cleaner background so that Windows 10 users can find what they’re looking for. Microsoft defines this situation as a more streamlined design.

Microsoft was paying attention to the blue tint in the current Start Menu design. In the new design, transparency comes to the fore. This seems to make it easier for users to search for applications. Of course, the users will say the last word and whether the new design of the Start Menu will be liked or not will come to light with user feedback.

Microsoft is also updating the Alt-Tab combination

Another innovation of Microsoft in Windows 10 is about the Alt-Tab combination. This combination has made it easier to switch between apps to date. The company seems to have decided to expand this a little bit further. Because Microsoft’s new Alt-Tab combination also includes all the tabs in Chromium-based Edge in this combination. Applications are still available here.

In addition, Microsoft is making Windows 10’s Taskbar more functional. The company brings a new icon for quick access for Xbox Live users, and an icon for Your Phone app for Android users. In this way, users can reach their needs more easily. New features of Windows 10 are available in the latest test version of the operating system.

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