Michaela Coel comments on Noel Clarke’s misconduct allegations: – Deadline

I can destroy you Designer and star Michaela Coel released a statement in response to last night’s bombshell Guardian investigation in which more than 20 women made allegations of misconduct against British actor and producer Noel Clarke.

Time’s Up, Equity and other industries also weighed in on the article’s claims today.

Coel had retweeted the story last night without comment. Today, she took to Twitter to add that she wanted to offer “great support to the 20 brave women who have stepped forward.” The full declaration is integrated further down this page.

“It takes a lot of force to talk about these incidents because some call them ‘gray areas’. However, they are far from being gray, ”she added. “These behaviors are unprofessional, violent and can irreparably destroy a person’s perception of themselves, their place in the world and their career. I shared to show solidarity to express my belief in them and to be with them in their outrage.

BAFTA issues new statement from Noel Clarke as questions rise from industry and MPs over the organization’s inaction

The reaction across the UK biz today has been decisive. Deadline revealed that Sky had stopped working with the Armored creator of the fourth season of this show and of “all future productions”, as well as the producer of the Vertigo Films series.

Last night, BAFTA confirmed that it had suspended Clarke’s membership and withdrawn her recent outstanding contribution to the British Cinema Award. The awards body has, however, been criticized for the suggestion in the Guardian article that he was aware of some form of allegation before giving the prize to Clarke. Today, he released a new statement regarding these allegations.

Also reacting to today’s news was Armored actor David Elliot, who posted the hashtags #STOPPABLE (referencing Clarke’s production company Unstoppable) and #TIMESUP on his Instagram Story:

Actress Kaya Scodelario posted a series of tweets addressing part of the Guardian Exposure which claimed that Clarke secretly filmed a nude actress during an audition, detailing a similar experience with another “great director”:

And here’s Coel’s tweeted statement in full:

Time’s Up UK tweeted the statement below:

Actors Trade Union Fair published this statement from its General Secretary Paul W Fleming on its website: “The allegations against Noel Clarke are phenomenally serious and warrant investigation and treatment not only by BAFTA, but also by the producers under whose eyes the alleged infringements were committed. An environment in which women, or anyone who suffers from intimidation, abuse or harassment cannot come forward, is an environment where those in power in our industry have singularly failed in their moral and often legal obligations. diligence.

“Equity’s strong position on meaningful and accessible dignity at work policies places obligations where they lie: on producers and mobilizers to create and defend workplaces that are safe spaces. Those who perpetuate structural inequalities in society will continue to exist, but an industry in which they can survive and thrive can be changed if those in power have the will to do so.

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