Mia Khalifa went VIRAL on TikTok for her song “Hit or Miss

If you’re a TikTok user, the hashtag “#miakhalifachallenge” may be trending on the popular video-sharing app.

It refers to a quick game involving celebrity names and while popular with quarantined women with their boyfriends, this latest challenge can’t beat the “Hit or Miss” meme Mia Khalifa is best known for.

Below is a breakdown of how the Lebanese-born webcam model became a viral star.

Mia Khalifa’s meme on TikTok explained: how “Hit or Miss” took over the internet.

The former adult film star became an overnight sensation (for those who didn’t know her from Pornhub yet) when she landed her own track from Atlanta-based hip-hop group iLOVEFRiDAY.

The rap duo released the song “Mia Khalifa” in response to a fake tweet that they believed had been posted by the social media celebrity.

The message in question, which was sent through a bogus page that has since been removed, targeted Pakistani-American iLOVEFRiDAY member Aqsa Malik for smoking in a hijab.

“She is so disrespectful to all Muslim women and gives us a bad image,” the tweet read, prompting Aqsa and her partner Xeno Carr to publicly fight back, calling Mia a hypocrite as she was filmed having sex with a hijab during his porn days. .

But iLOVEFRiDAY’s distortion track didn’t explode until the TikTok account @nyannyancosplay highlighted one of the best verses in December 2018:

“Hit or miss / I guess they never fail, huh? / You have a boyfriend, I bet he won’t kiss you / He’s going to find another girl and he won’t miss you / He’s going to jump and punch like Wiz Khalifa.”

The lyrics became so popular on the platform that the first “Mia Khalifa Challenge” was born.

Users were required to film themselves yelling “hit or miss” in a public place in the hope that someone would reply, “I guess they’ll never fail, huh?”

The 2020 “Mia Khalifa Challenge” dates back to those days when all that could be talked about on TikTok was the controversial brunette beauty.

Is Mia Khalifa the most famous Mia in pop culture?

This latest TikTok trend involves users asking their boyfriends to say the famous first last name they can think of when given a nickname like Travis or Jennifer.

The person listing the names always ends with Mia to see if their SO will call the top artist.

It’s an interesting trick given that there aren’t many famous Mias in the world (the first one we thought of was Mia Thermopolis, a fictional character from The Princess Diaries).

After doing some research, we determined that Mia Farrow, Mia Hamm, and Mia Wasikowska are much better answers.

Even with the notoriety she gained during her brief stint in the adult film business, Mia Khalifa admitted that she hardly benefited from the experience.

“People think I’m raking in millions from pornography. Totally false,” the 27-year-old tweeted in August 2019.

“I made a TOTAL of about $ 12,000 in the industry and never saw a penny again after that. The difficulty finding a normal job after quitting porn was … terrifying,” he added.

“We think Mia should earn royalties for her song.”

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