Mia Khalifa receives attacks for joining OnlyFans

Former adult film actress Mia Khalifa has received multiple attacks on her social media after joining OnlyFans.

In an Instagram post with the OnlyFans platform open on her laptop, Mia Khalifa wrote “I have a full time job … as an accountant.” OnlyFans has become a common way for sex workers to earn more income.

Often only associated with sex work, OnlyFans is actually just a platform where creators can offer paid content for fans, ranging from personalized classes on how to use Photoshop to one-on-one personal conversations behind a paywall.

However, even though the phrase and the app are linked to sex work, Mia Khalifa has shared that she will not be entering the porn industry again through OnlyFans. Instead, Khalifa plans to share content from her daily life with the monthly subscription price of $ 11.99 USD.

The former adult film actress explicitly stated that she would not post any nude content. During her first week on the platform, Khalifa wrote a thank you message to those who had already supported her new stage on the payment platform.

Khalifa said he viewed the platform as “Instagram without terms of service.” “I am finally gaining confidence in myself in who I am and in the decisions that I make for myself,” wrote the model. “Although I will not create nude content … I want to regain my power and post what makes me feel good.”

Mia Khalifa was heavily criticized

Naturally, when headlines that one of the world’s previously highest-rated porn stars would join OnlyFans began circulating online without the full context, men began to criticize Mia Khalifa’s choice to seemingly rejoin the porn industry for not.

Even though Mia Khalifa’s stance on sex work is very clear, men seem to have immediately run with the idea that because Khalifa criticized the porn industry, her decision to join OnlyFans was hypocritical.

Despite stating that she is not even producing porn on OnlyFans and Mia Khalifa constantly shares her negative experiences within the porn industry, the men continue to claim that the industry “did not force her to do mada” and began calling for the move of Khalifa to OnlyFans “ironic” and “stupid”.

Despite criticism, the former sportscaster made it clear that she is not against sex work, she is against the toxic environments created within the porn industry and those producers who take advantage of young women without experience.

OnlyFans is such a celebrated platform because it gives women, who are interested in sex work, full control over what they do and how much they are paid for their work. What do you think of the criticism Khalifa received? Leave us your comments!

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