Mia Khalifa from the desert poses with very little

Famous former adult actress Mia Khalifa literally raised the heat by posing from a desert and wearing very little, just a hat and boots

Elevada temperatura, Mía Khalifa desde el desierto posa con muy poco(INSTAGRAM)

The beautiful and famous former adult actress, Mía Khalifa, continues to give something to talk about this time with her new content published on social networks, which causes a lot of comments and even sends her quite strong messages in which they seem to be in disagreeing with the way you live your life.

On this occasion we will first address the photo that she only published on her official Instagram profile, where we could see her wearing only a small black swimsuit that very barely covered her charms, which many of her fans already know, so they consider that there is having retired from adult entertainment movies should change her way of dressing a bit although she is totally free to do whatever she wants.

This situation has become quite insistent on the part of users who seem to say it or have some resentment, showing a lot in the texts that are in the comment box, such as one that tells you to put on some clothes.

As well as this comment, there are many more, some being stronger than others, however, it seems that this is already funny because she even shared a screenshot of a message she received through her personal and exclusive page.

While her photo received hundreds of thousands of likes, the message she received on her OnlyFans only shows one thing, many of the men who follow her continue to think that it is part of adult entertainment, considering it even as an object a situation that quite displeases them. Mia Khalifa and that it is quite bad on the part of anyone towards a woman, because each one is free to do what she wants and upload the content she wants.

However, in the message he received, they confess that they do things in her name and you can imagine what kind of actions, since they subscribe to her exclusive page to receive a little more daring content and take the opportunity to “give themselves satisfaction”, for say it with some nice words.

The message says “I did it for you”, to which she responded with a rather strong rudeness that says that her mother should have aborted it, that is, she should not have been born, perhaps her answer was too sharp and rude but also the users They go too far and go beyond the limits of a membership, which simply seeks to bring them a little closer to it so that they know it more and receive better content to appreciate it and there is no need to go around sending those kinds of words describing things they do in their life private, obviously thinking about her and even watching some of her old videos.

It seems that to this day, having participated in this medium of entertainment continues to cause too much trouble, where it turns out that nothing went as she expected and everything went very wrong, something that she suffers to this day and that she has not been able to overcome Well, something happens daily, it is upsetting, but yes, it has not stopped making money thanks to that personal page, so it does not seem to have any intention of closing it and it seems to be very used to these actions, taking away the merits of being very negative.

So far Mía Khalifa has concentrated on enjoying with her husband who takes the opportunity to take his photos safely and who is enjoying his company and their relationship as the person he is and not seeing her as an object, something that should stop already on behalf of anyone towards women.

For this reason, it could be considered that she is already functioning as a feminist supporting the movement trying to stop all these types of situations, but many women have also criticized her, assuring that if she wants this to end, she should stop uploading that type of content, perhaps envying a little that just for appearing in a photo they give you their money.

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