Melania asks Trump to admit defeat to Joe Biden

First lady Melania Trump is trying to convince her husband Donald Trump to accept that he lost to Joe Biden.

Melania Trump is reportedly the last in Donald Trump’s inner circle to try to convince him that he lost the race to Joe Biden, in the 2020 U.S. elections and that he will no longer be the president of the United States, he reports. CNN.

The first lady has not commented publicly on the election results, but CNN reports that she privately gave the current president her personal opinion. “She has offered (her opinion), as she often does,” a source close to the Trump family told CNN.

The news comes amid conflicting reports about senior adviser Jared Kushner’s approach to his father-in-law. Axios and NBC News reported that Kushner told Trump to keep fighting, while CNN said he reached out to Trump to persuade him to give in.

Donald Trump has yet to accept defeat

So far, President Trump has responded by tweeting and retweeting people backing his mantra that the election was stolen.

He did not call Joe Biden and gave no indication that he was planning statements on Sunday, Nov. 8, when he entered his trailer and drove to his golf course, where he was on Saturday when the choice of his rival was announced.

As we reported in Somagnews, Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, said that the legal team plans to present a new round of challenges to the vote, although none of the lawsuits filed so far have been successful and experts say there are no reasons to dispute the result.

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