Meet the finalists of the short competition “At the end of the tunnel” ‘

Epidemic tone want to set the world to music!

We have talked a lot here at No Film School about the importance of sound and music for years. These elements were the focus of one of our newest competitions, the short film competition “At the end of the tunnel”. Now is the time to find out who our finalists are!

All of the creators in this competition used music and sound from Epidemic tone to create the perfect atmosphere. You are not the only one! Millions of storytellers, influencers, brands, and content creators are turning to Epidemic tone to meet their music needs every day and build their audience. Its libraries span over 160 genres produced and performed by professionals World class musicians, composers and studio professionals.

Music of Epidemic tone gets hundreds of millions of streams per month. The company’s talented creatives include established and emerging producers, composers, musicians and artists.

Do you want to be an artist with epidemic sound? Here’s what you need to know.

Get heard, get paid and grow up

Epidemic Sound’s music catalog is used by leading content creators, broadcasters, advertising agencies and world-renowned brands to take productions to the next level. Music makers can grow their audiences as Epidemic Sound connects them to a network of storytellers from around the world. That means artists are generating hundreds of millions of monthly streams on Spotify and other leading streaming platforms.

Epidemic Sound’s ecosystem allows artists to thrive creatively and commercially. All music flows freely and fairly between the artist and the world’s greatest storytellers, brands and music streaming services.

Epidemic Sound wants its artists to grow too. It works closely with its network of artists and music makers to encourage creativity.

When you become Epidemic Sound as a music creator, you work closely with their teams from the first demo to the final mix. Work closely with a team of songwriters, producers and recording engineers to produce world-class tracks. They can even develop your album art and shoot your music videos with their experts.

Meet artists at Epidemic Sound

Xavy Rusan and Tilden Park

As just one example, Epidemic Sound brought together three storytellers: Ankit Bhatia, Laura Reid, and Lana. Together with the artists Xavy Rusan and Tilden Parc you created a music video for the extraordinary track “Earth (Light It Up)”.

King Sisi

King Sis receives over 3.5 million streams and 40,000 monthly listeners worldwide.

“Epidemic Sound introduced me to an incredible community of producers, songwriters, and staff, while also introducing my music to an audience of content creators and music lovers around the world,” says King Sis.

Panda rape

Pandaraps has 3 million streams worldwide and 50,000 monthly listeners!

“Epidemic Sound made it possible for me to turn my passion into a job”, Panda rape says. “I never thought that I could make a living from music – now I work with extremely talented producers and artists who I would never have met without them.”

Learn more at Epidemic tone.

Finalists of the short film competition “At the end of the tunnel”

We had so many great submissions for this short film competition. We are so proud to have such a creative community here at No Film School! Thank you for sharing your perspectives and creativity with us.

We have selected the following top 10 short films to make it through to the finals. Many thanks to all participants and good luck to the finalists.

“Beautiful new hand” from AtymTima

“Amelia at home” by Attilaisere

“Lockdown Hope” by Alex Kellerman

“Masks off” by Superpower Pictures

“Réanimer “by James Graves

“At the end of the tunnel” by Jack Henry Majeski

“Will you be my quarantine?” by Lori Chandler

“To See You Again” by Jack Haynes

“Le rêve des deux” by Oita Alexandru

“At the end of the tunnel” by Tasha Viola

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