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SPOIL ALERT: This report contains details on tonight’s end-of-season episode The single person.

After a season unlike any other for The single person, her handsome story maker presented the final rose to Rachael Kirkconnell, the contender who sparked controversy when race-insensitive photos from her college days resurfaced last month.

Finalist Michelle Young remained a finalist. But, as has often been the case during the 2021 show cycle, there is more to the story.

Despite Matt James, the first black man in the series, having chosen Kirkconnell over Young, he also told her he couldn’t propose. So, without the usual end-of-season marriage proposal, the couple left together.

‘The Bachelor’ Matt James Responds To Chris Harrison And Rachael Kirkconnell Controversies

Chris Harrison to drop ‘the Bachelorette’ after racism controversy


The two-hour episode ended an unusual season of longtime reality hit that saw photos of Kirkconnell attending a formal pre-war plantation-themed fraternity in 2018. She apologized for the the photos, noting that she was ignorant and that her “ignorance was racist.” “

The problem worsened after Kirkconnell’s photos became the subject of an interview on Additional between Chris Harrison – who had hosted the ABC Dating Contest show since its inception in 2002 – and contestant Lindsay. In the interview, Harrison defended the season favorite, noting that the photos were taken a long time ago and suggesting Kirkconnell has become a target of cancellation culture.

He then apologized amid a backlash on social media, and Harrison eventually stepped down as the host and did not appear in the show’s recap episode.

Chris Harrison says he plans to “be back and I want to be back”; Michael Strahan echoes ‘Bachelor’ host’s ‘surface response’ to controversy

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