Matt Gaetz, Lil Nas X and Britney Spears Provide SNL with Golden Comedy – Deadline

“If you approach me just remember I have hip-hop friends and country friends – two populations that are sure to have guns,” said scandal-filled and promising Matt Gaetz. lap dance Saturday Night Live tonight in no uncertain terms by Lil Nas X in the open air.

In a season that has squandered one timely comedy opportunity after another over the past few months, Chris Redd’s retort to a Florida congressman representing Pete Davidson might have been one of the best non-‘Weekend Update’ lines. for a long time. sure SNL. It was certainly one of the best opening sketches of a week rich in such material.

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Another episode of the simulated celebrity scandal show hosted by Britney Spears kicks off Oops, you did it again and shouting to “talk about outcasts”, Georgia, which has passed a new law to suppress cashless voters, SNL went to get the jugular and drew blood – a lot.

For one thing, the Easter Sunday eve episode may have seen DOJ poll Rep Gaetz give a lap dance, but God himself received a short one from Lil Nas X.

“Let me remind people that wasn’t the real God, he was just my friend Gary,” Redd’s Lil Nas X said as the guy in the bathrobe and long white beard walked out of the stage. Over the past several decades, that part of the opening alone would have made the phones at Comcast ring, as Sinead O’Conner might tell you. But in the first week of April 2021, it was the tame track ripped from the headlines.

In that vein, cut to the growing explosion radius of Gaetz’s alleged sex scandal involving minors and extortion allegations and more, plus a “culture of aggression” played by Kate McKinnon promoting Pepe Le Pew, who was excluded from the Space jam more – well, that’s a roaring start.

“I would love to be at a point in my career where I could turn down projects, but there aren’t many pieces for an old French skunk,” the smoky rodent in McKinnon’s French accent told Spears and Lil Nas, performed by Chloe Fineman. X. “The roles are mine and Gérard Depardieu, and if you think I’m the problem, I have two words for you: Speedy Gonzales. And you didn’t hear me that, but the FBI is 99% sure Yosemite Sam was present at the Capitol riots.

McKinnon was 10 toes lower than usual, but coming on the Spears’ Vegas-based fictional show, Redd’s Lil Nas X was a surprise that should every other season of the late-night NBC series turn into a regular skit.

In the real world, the “Old Town Road” singer was recently “attacked by the rare Catholic Church and Nike combo,” as Fineman’s Spears so succinctly put it, for his legally questionable, blood-containing Satan shoes. Human, who were hit with a temporary restraining order for copyright infringement by the sneaker giant on March 31. sneaker entrepreneur, ”said Lil Nas X, stretched out from Redd. “I put my pants on like everyone else, otherwise, one guy without an ass at a time,” he added, to the great laughter of the audience socially distant from the studio.

With all that gold, the gain was Davidson’s sneaky “insanely Florida” Gaetz. Perfect even in the shakes, Davidson’s Gaetz, a self-proclaimed “ladies’ man,” launched a defense that “people are just targeting me because I supported Donald Trump.” Cementing this GOP fact is stranger than SNL fiction, when asked by Fineman’s Spears if the sordid scandal could hurt him midway through 2022, Davidson’s Gaetz replied, “Weirdly, in my district they could help.”

“I don’t know, Matt, I think I can spot a teenage predator when I see one,” Fineman’s Spears said, later stating that Gaetz was being judged by his face. “After all, I was sure The Mickey Mouse Club. “

Hosted for the first time by Judas and the Black Messiah star and two-time Oscar nominee Daniel Kaluuya, tonight SNL comes at the end of a week that saw Gaetz literally become politically toxic, even for Fox News Channel. Thrown from conservative media Mount Olympus after a disastrous interview with Tucker Carlson in which the Trump frontrunner attempted to tie allegations of his own scandal to very different kinds of accusations against the prime-time host in the past, Gaetz proceeded to lose personnel, credibility and get bogged down deeper in fouls at the speed of Formula 1.

Previously, never having met a camera he didn’t like, the now misguided Gaetz was revealed to have been the subject of a Justice Department investigation since last year, when his pal Trump was POTUS. The growing investigation involves allegations the congressman had sex with a minor, paying women for sex and possibly more bribery.There are also officially unrelated whispers with Gaetz’s titillating fellow lawmakers with nude photos of women he has slept with. Never someone to stick his neck out for no one, the old one Celebrity apprentice the host did not say anything to help save his rapidly sinking protege.

On the other hand, SNL gloriously tied an anchor to Gaetz’s public profile tonight.

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