Master Storyteller T. Shawn Taylor to Host Workshop March 6 as Part of No Malice Film Contest | Festivals and awards

Competition winners will have their films on display at a red carpet screening at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield, Ill. On July 31 of this year, and at the Ebertfest Film Festival in Champaign, Illinois. ‘Illinois, September 8-11. They will also win cash prizes ranging from $ 500 to $ 2000. Films can be submitted until Friday April 30. You can find all the details here, and you also watch a video in which I discuss the contest rules here.

Ms. Taylor’s workshop will be the last in a series of five dynamic seminars on how to make movies and how to find stories for your movies. His previous experiences as a journalist at Chicago Tribune and his work in public relations taught him the importance of the five W’s: who, what, where, when and why. She puts them to good use in a documentary she’s making about black men in a small town in Illinois. She will share more details on using your gut to help you determine your story.

You can watch previous phenomenal workshops as webinars and enter the competition at To view the first four recorded workshops, click on the following links:

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To register for the next “Trust Your Instincts: The Stories You Are Born To Tell” workshop, click on here.



A self-proclaimed nerd who wrote short stories and poems in high school and tasked the kids on the playground a quarter each to read them, in 2006 Shawn tapped into this entrepreneurial spirit to found Treetop Consulting, a company communication, after a successful career. in newspapers covering the Midwest. Still a journalist at heart, Shawn used his interview and research prowess to examine the social, emotional and economic impact of premature deaths of black men on families and communities in the ongoing documentary “Gone Too Soon : America’s Missing Black Men ”. In October 2019, she graduated from Kartemquin Films’ Diverse Voices in Docs program for budding filmmakers.

Shawn has built a reputation as a skilled writer and master storyteller, developing content on a range of topics including social justice; gender and race equality; equal pay; equity in education; and entrepreneurship, among others. A flutist by training and master Hoola Hooper, Shawn’s motto is, “Whenever possible, start at the top.”

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