Master Movie Box Office Collection Day 2 (Tamil)

The main box office collection on day 2 on Thursday was very good and was the second highest day 2 collection ever in Tamil Nadu, giving a good result for this Vijay Tamil movie despite the covid pandemic and 50% capacity

Master Total Box Office Collection

65.5-66.5 Crore gross all over India approx

77 Crore gross + incomplete global data

54.65 Crore to 55.65 Crore net approximately incomplete data

All figures producer figure

Master Box Office Collection Day 2

16 Crore gross in Tamil Nadu or 12 Crore net approximately

Total 23-24 Crore gross or 19-20 Crore net

Master Box Office Collection Day 1

35.65 Crore net All India

42.5 Crore gross All India

53 Crore in the world

Master Box Office Collection Day 1 Break

Tamil Nadu: 20.5 Crore net

Andhra / Telangana: 9 Crore net

Karnataka: 3.75 Crore net

Kerala: 1.75 crore net

Rest of India: 65 Lakhs

Overseas Master Box Office Collection

Day 1: 1.4 million or Rs 10.5 crores
Day 2 Australia gross: AU $ 96,271

Australian 2-Day Gross Total: A $ 379,788 or Gross Crore 2.77

Main budget

The main budget is 135 Crores

The master rights were sold for 158.3 Crore worldwide

Theatrical rights
Tamil Nadu: 62.5 Crore

Karnataka: 5.5 Crore

Kerala: 4.3 Crore

Telugu: 8.5 Crore

North India: 6 Crore

Overseas Duty: 15 Crore

Digital rights: Amazon Prime 23 Crores

Satellite rights: Sun Tv for Rs 29 Crores

Audio rights: 4.5 Crore for Sony Music

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