Master Box Office Collection Day 3 Friday: 100 Crores worldwide

The main box office pickup on Day 3 Friday was very good as it maintained its hold and collected similar numbers to Thursday. Overseas Master broke Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984 record in the United Arab Emirates to open higher than any film in the post-pandemic era. Master Worldwide Collections Crossed 100 Crore Worldwide Master Total Box Office Collection 88-90 Crore Gross All India Approximately 73-75 Net Crore 110+ Crore Gross Worldwide All Figures Producer Figure Master Box Office Collection Day 3 18 to 20 Crore net approx Master is a Tamil Film with Vijay Master Box Office Collection Day 2 Breaking Tamil Nadu: 13 Crore net Andhra / Telangana: 2.75 Crore net Karnataka: 2 Crore net Kerala: 1.75 Crore net Rest of the ‘India: 60 Lakhs (Hindi + Tamil + Telugu) Master Box Office Collection Day 1 35.65 Crore net All India 42.5 Crore net All India 53 Crore in the world Master Box Office Collection Day 1 Rupture Tamil Nadu : 20.5 Crore net Andhra / Telangana: 9 Crore net Karnataka: 3.75 Crore net Kerala: 1.75 Crore net Rest of India: 65 Lakhs Master Overseas Box Office Collection Day 1: $ 1.4 million or 10.5 crore rupees Day 2: 1.12 million dollars or 8.25 crore rupees Total: 2.52 million dollars or 18.75 crore gross Middle East – 1.35 million Singapore dollars – 370 K $ Australia – 295 K $ Sri Lanka – 240 K $ United States – 150 K $ The main budget of the main budget is 135 Crores Main rights were sold for 158.3 Crore Global Theater Rights Tamil Nadu: 62.5 Crore Karnataka: 5.5 Crore Kerala: 4.3 Crore Telugu: 8.5 Crore North India: 6 Crore Overseas Rights Wed: 15 Crore Digital Rights: Amazon Prime 23 Crore Satellite Rights: Sun Tv for Rs 29 Crore Audio Rights: 4.5 Crore to Sony Music Master Hit or Flop Master Tamil rights were sold for 62.5 Crore, so it should make over 62.5 Crores in Tamil version distribution share to be called a hit. Baahubali 2 has the highest share in Tamil at 85 Crores followed by Bigil at 78 Crores and Viswasam at 75 Crores which movies come out next and then see Bollywood movies to come. To check out Budget and the latest collection of box office movies, see Box Office

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