Masks can become seasonal clothing, says Dr Anthony Fauci on ‘Meet The Press’ – Deadline

The pandemic is easing, but uncertainty remains as to when and where to wear protective masks. Dr Anthony Fauci stepped into the breach again on Sunday Meet the press on NBC, saying wearing a mask could eventually become “seasonal.”

Fauci said Americans have become accustomed to wearing headgear, which he says “decreases respiratory illness.”

This statement marks another important milestone in Fauci’s continued advice on masks. Known for once saying, “There is no reason to walk around with a mask,” he has since changed his mind, saying he made the statement to increase the availability of PPE for first responders in the world. start of the pandemic.

Government agencies like the National Institute of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have also changed their policies on masks. It wasn’t until April 3 of last year that the CDC urged everyone to wear one.

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Sunday, Fauci spoke again on the label of the masks.

“So it’s conceivable that as we go along, a year or two or more from now, that during certain seasonal times when you have respiratory viruses like the flu, people choose to wear masks. to decrease the likelihood that you’re ‘I’m going to spread these respiratory illnesses,’ Fauci said.

He also predicted that we won’t see another increase in COVID-19 cases this fall if the majority of Americans get vaccinated.

“The fact that we have vaccines right now… is a real game-changer,” Fauci said on NBC.

Of course, many Americans have not yet been vaccinated, either by choice or because the various jabs are not available to them.

“This is the reason … why we implore people to get vaccinated because the greater proportion of the population vaccinated, the less likely that in a season like fall or winter to coming, you were seeing a significant increase, ”Fauci said.

“It’s the wild card we have now that we didn’t have last fall or last winter.”

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