Marvel reveals horror-themed comic book cover variants for Halloween

Marvel Comics has introduced several horror-themed variant covers for some of its classic horror-genre comic books. In its announcement, Marvel said that it will be releasing these variant covers for a total of eight classic horror comic books, including ones set in the Spider-Man, Captain America, and X-Men universes. The artwork comes from a number of artists, including Russell Dauterman, Mike del Mundo, Javier Rodriguez, and more.

Marvel is best known for its superhero comic books, but it has a number of works in the horror genre, as well, including some that are set within its superhero universe. Some of these iconic horror-themed superhero comic books will get the special cover variants in October to coincide with Halloween and the month’s generally spooky theme.


The comic books that will get the new horror-themed cover variants are (including the artist from whom the artwork was sourced):

– Amazing Spider-Man #50: Spider-Man Vampire Hunter – Aaron Kuder and Jordie Bellaire
– Avengers #37: Where Avengers Dwell – Javier Rodríguez
– Captain America #24: Cap Wolf – Mirka Andolfo
– Captain Marvel #22: Captain Marvel Unleashed – Taurin Clarke
– Immortal Hulk #38: Living Hulk – Mike del Mundo
– Iron Man #2: Iron Man-Thing – Mattia de Iulis
– Spider-Woman #5: Spider-Woman By Night – Patrick Gleason
– X-Men #13: Legion of X-Monsters – Russell Dauterman

If you’ve never taken the time to enjoy Marvel’s horror works, now is the time to get started. The company teases that readers will get to experience a number of wild scenarios in these issues, including seeing what Iron Man looks like when crossed with the Swamp Monster. Collectors and comic books fans can expect to see these issues with the new horror cover variants hit stores next month.

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