Marilyn Monroe’s ex-husband kept his promise to send six fresh roses to his grave three times a week until his death

Did you know Marilyn Monroe’s ex-husband Joe DiMaggio sent fresh roses to her grave three times a week until her death (Photo credit: Getty)

Marilyn Monroe does not need any introduction. Even though she belongs to an era long before our own, her name still resonates in our hearts. Her style and beauty are still considered the epitome of sensuality. But her love life was quite a tumultuous adventure. She married Joe DiMaggio, and less than nine months later, they separated. But do you know that after his death, until his death, he sent six fresh roses three times a week to his grave.

Yes! You heard that right. Their love was such that it remained even after the death of the actress. Marilyn and Joe’s iconic love story begins long after their separation. Their marriage and separation was just the beginning.

All of their friends thought their game was perfect. However, what broke up their marriage was because of Joe DiMaggio’s possessiveness. Marilyn Monroe is known for her iconic scene in the white dress standing on a subway door for The Seven Year Itch. But Joe was so possessive that he didn’t want her to do this scene.

They broke up soon after because their worldviews were so different. Shortly after the divorce, when Marilyn Monroe once fell ill, Joe DiMaggio was next to her in the hospital. It was he who rushed to her side in February 1961 when she was forcibly institutionalized. When she was returned to her care, she called him “my hero”. They had grown closer towards the end of his life, and he was the stable man beside her. He wanted to marry her again, but she died prematurely.

Upon learning of her death, Joe flew from New York to Los Angeles, identified her body, and had a small private funeral for her. He even designed the tombstone. He would have been absolutely inconsolable at the funeral.

Years ago, Marilyn Monroe took Joe DiMaggio’s promise that she wanted roses sent to her every week, and he kept that promise. Until his death in 1999, he sent fresh roses to his grave several times a week. She had said, “Six fresh long-stemmed red roses, three times a week… forever.”

His death had hit him hard. He was unable to get her out of his mind even though he was dying. “I’m finally going to see Marilyn again,” were his farewell words.

Isn’t that the kind of love we all dream of having?

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