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There were many tears of joy shared over 7,000 miles this morning as Maria Bakalova found out she was first nominated for a Golden Globe while on Zoom with relatives and friends in her native Bulgaria . True to the proverbial ‘Balkan temperament’, the group ran the gamut of emotions, from crying and screaming to laughter, and Maria’s mother told them how proud she was of her.

After dedicating half of her 24-year life so far to the actress, Bakalova has been recognized with Top Hollywood Awards for her fearless performance as Borat’s daughter, Tutar in Next Borat movie. She is nominated in the Golden Globes category for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy alongside “Actresses I have admired since childhood,” Bakalova says of the field, which includes Oscar nominated actresses Michelle Pfeiffer and Rosamund Pike, Kate Hudson and another 24 year old, Anya Taylor-Joy.

Maria Bakalova’s journey from Burgas to ‘Borat’ and living the dream she had given up

“A person dreams and dreams and dreams, but things are so unpredictable,” Bakalova says. “” It’s amazing what’s going on, I’m speechless. “

Bakalova is the first Bulgarian actor to earn a Golden Globe nomination and a rare actor from Eastern Europe to receive recognition since the region was formed after World War II. (The only other example I could find is the Polish actress Ida Kaminska which was nominated in 1967.)

It is a great pride for Bakalova, who sees her appointment as “a big step” to give a chance to talents from countries like her beloved Bulgaria and relishes the opportunity to open the doors of Hollywood to others. of the region.

“What excites and motivates me the most is the prospect that many actors and creators from Eastern Europe will be noticed and find opportunities in Western cinema where they have not been represented; people who have an accent and who may not speak perfect English, but who work very hard at it. They might finally get the chance to play multidimensional characters like Tutar.

Bakalova thanked her Borat co-star and producer, three-time Golden Globe nominee Sacha Baron Cohen, other producers of the film, Amazon distributor as well as the HFPA for recognition.

“To be able to create a character like that you need a good script and courageous producers who support you and believe you can do it,” she says.

Bakalova, who has a solid background in the theater, has yet to decide what her next project will be. Borat.

But she knows that whatever she does next “would have a message, be something that reflects the times we live in,” Bakalova said. “Life is so fleeting – we’ve been on this earth for 60, 70, 80, 90 years at the most – but the art we create could live on forever as a document of what happened.

Would she like to see Tutar again in a Borat to follow?

“Why not,” Bakalova said. She notes that every project Cohen tackled had a mission, “to rebel against injustice and show how we can improve society” and, if he adopts a new one, “it will also have a strong message.”

Find out more about Bakalova and her unlikely trip from her hometown of Burgas to Borat, read the profile of Deadline of the young actress.

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