‘Mare of Easttown’ DP Ben Richardson on Kate Winslet firsthand

How can a cameraman tell when the story is working?

Have you ever been behind the camera and felt like something was going really well? That’s what happened to DP Ben Richardson recently when he was filming Mare from Easttown for HBO. Richardson is no stranger to great achievement. He was behind the camera for Beasts of the southern wilderness and Drinking friends.

Richardson recently sat down with gold derby to talk about his career and television. When asked how he knew that Mare from Easttown would be fine, he said, Winslet’s appearance had given him an idea.

“One of the earliest scenes we shot wasn’t the most complicated, it gave her room to play with the character. But it never broke out of the layers to this person who created it, ”he said. “As a cameraman there is so much room to play. Because you never really need to support or improve performance. You are free to design and shape what the audience sees of it. “

I love to hear how the cameraman and actor are so intertwined. We usually hear so much about writers and directors, but what the actor does to a performance also gives the cameraman room to brainstorm. You can move the camera around them or create new angles based on their movements.

mare has become a popular show thanks to the cinematic qualities and wonderful naturalism that Richardson seeks with his lens. His filming, along with Zobel’s directing and Inglesby’s writing, all work with Winslet’s performance.

Richardson found these images by focusing on the beats of the story and how they fit into the framework of the show.

“It’s such a great story in these people’s lives,” he said Gold derby. “I was worried about the girth, I was worried about the size and how to get that on canvas. There were so many scenes that took place in these domestic settings and a lot of simple dialogue scenes in a small space. What I found out was that we could bring in all the opportunities we needed without cheating in any way. We shot in the real locations and were able to tell all about the nuance and detail and scope of these houses, these surroundings, these little rooms where these great events took place. ”

I find this process fascinating. It’s interesting to think about a show where things so often happen indoors and add to the feeling of range or of a bigger world around them. But Richardson cracked the code and found a way to photograph each house differently and expand the footage if necessary.

Did you notice the cinematography on the show? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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