Major update for Daniel Bryan fans following loss to Roman Reigns

Daniel Bryan Current Status in WWE (Photo Credit – WWE)

Last week’s smackdown saw a fantastic one-off match between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. What made the game more interesting was the stipulation that Bryan will be taken off the blue mark if he loses. As we all know, a former WWE Champion lost and he was exiled from the series. Now here’s a major update on his status in the promotion.

According to the latest update, Daniel Bryan has transferred to the WWE Alumni Section. The development raised eyebrows and left everyone guessing, what’s next for the leader of the Yes movement? Not only fans, but even pundits, don’t know if Bryan has finished his job or is he part of a new storyline.

Insiders say WWE has scheduled Daniel Bryan to do a partial stopwatch. The wrestler himself had revealed that he wanted to focus more on the family now and would be happy to work part-time. Looks like his wish is coming true.

Last year, while speaking on the Bellas podcast, Bryan said, “WWE has been great and they give me six weeks of maternity leave, which so few places in the United States do. So I will be able to be at home, but after that, my contract will not be long. We talked about what we do from there, but for me, in my mind, I think I just finished being a full time wrestler. I will always love wrestling, and I will always want to wrestle, but when I say “always want to wrestle” it means maybe once a month, or once every two months. “

Even in an interview with BT Sport, he said: “Where my contract is coming up soon and to put it mildly, but we are looking at turning me into maybe less than a full time wrestler. As my full time wrestler time is running out and I’m going to be like a full time dad, part time wrestler instead. Wrestling is my side job. Dad is my most important job.

Conversely, Daniel Bryan shares two children with his wife Brie Bella, Birdie Joe Danielson and Buddy Dessert Danielson.

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