Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali react to trolls who accuse them of giving up

Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali react to trolls who accuse them of ‘abandoning’ their adopted children (Photo credit – Facebook)

Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali in 2017 adopted their guardian’s children, Khushi and Rajveer, and decided to raise them as their own. They even got the chance to have a baby girl in August 2019. However, the trolls weren’t nice to them. They often targeted the couple and accused them of not being the perfect adoptive parents for their adopted children.

The deeply in love couple took to social media on Friday and put an end to the trolls criticizing them. The Balika Vadhu actress wrote an open letter explaining why Khushi and Rajveer live in their hometown with their grandparents.

In a long Instagram post, Mahi Vj wrote, “A lot of you have asked questions, a lot of you have assumed, a lot of you wrote anything and everything and it’s just FAIR. Yes we are parents, FOSTER parents! Tara came into our lives as a beautiful blessing but that doesn’t change our feelings for Khushi and Rajveer. When Khushi came into our lives, we became parents but part of us knows that the decision and the first rights belong to his father and mother.

The actress also mentioned the absence of Khushi and Rajveer in her open letter. She wrote: “They had always wanted the children to spend time in Mumbai, but eventually return to their hometown and be with their extended family and grandparents. And we believe that no one can judge what is best for a child than their parents. “

Mahi Vij further mentioned how all the trolls affect them and that it could hurt their children in the future. She also urged them to refrain from doing so. She wrote: “So today to all who may be wondering why don’t you see them with us feeling like we have abandoned them, please don’t! It hurts us and it will hurt our children when they grow up. For us, our three children are also loved, but two of them, although living in their hometown, are still precious to us. Our video calls and frequent text messaging keep us close to them and this is a decision neither of us has the right to interfere with. “

Finally, the actress also wrote that the doors to their home are always open for her adopted children. She wrote, “The children will keep coming and they will have two homes for life, one in their hometown and one with us. All of our festivals like Diwali and even Khushi’s birthday are celebrated together. Love does not change and will always grow! We hope all your questions and assumptions will be answered once and for all! Thank you for blessing our children, wishing them good luck because that’s all we want, positivity and good karma (sic)! Take a look at the article below:

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