Mac Mini with Apple M1 can support up to 6 displays

Apple rocked the technology market this month when it launched Macs equipped with its first proprietary processor, the Apple Silicon M1. With great promises, the new MacBook Air, MacBookd Pro 13 and Mac Mini arrived on the market offering performance superior to Intel’s equivalent chips, in addition to a robust GPU and a unique level of efficiency, thanks to the ARM architecture.

However, professionals who choose to migrate to the new Apple platform will face some limitations. One of them is the limit of supported external monitors, which now reaches just 2. However, as youtuber Ruslan Tupulov has proved, there is a way to increase this limit to 6 panels, albeit in an unattractive way.

To begin, Tupulov proved that the Apple mini computer could display a signal on three screens, using an adapter: one screen connects to HDMI, while the adapter uses the Thunderbolt 3 connection. The content producer raised the limit even further. his second video, in which he used a Thunderbolt hub to add three more monitors to the formula.

For this, the DisplayLink drivers and multiple adapters were used, which make the operating system identify external screens as internal monitors. The method is extremely complex, being a total improvisation, and ends up weighing heavily in the pocket, with its use not being recommended.

The set used by Tupulov totals US $ 950, or around R $ 5,114, without considering the value of the monitors. Abroad, this total is equivalent to almost 2 Mac Mini. Other than that, the stress caused on the CPU and GPU is much higher than that resulting from native connections, which usually weigh only on the GPU, so no high-resolution editions with the set.

Still, the method is quite curious and interesting for those who like to see hardware pushed to the limit. You can check out Ruslan Tupulov’s experiment in full below:

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