Lucifer Season 5: Can the identity of the devil be revealed?

Since Chloe and Linda know Lucifer’s true identity, is it possible that the whole world will learn of this alternate reality in Lucifer’s season 5?

The filming of season 5B of Lucifer is over and fans are just waiting for one thing, to find the devil on their screens. Lucifer’s season 5 episode 8 ended with a hell of a twist. God landed on Earth to stop the celestial battle between his three sons, Lucifer, Michael and Amenadiel. If at the moment humans are not aware that the devil and other members of mythology exist and are indeed on Earth, a question burns our lips … Since Chloe and Linda know the truth and have accepted this alternate reality, is it possible that the whole world is aware of the presence of Lucifer, God and other supernatural member on Earth?

By dint of using his power on Earth to know the desires of people, it is possible that other humans will discover the secret of Lucifer … Moreover, his twin brother, Michael has already spread his wings and flew in public, just like Lucifer … We must not forget that bullet attacks have no effect on the master of the Underworld. If a journalist witnesses his powers, he might decide to reveal everything to the press … Someone might even film it on his phone and share the video on social media, which would create real chaos on Earth. Lucifer could be forced to return to hell … The second part of season 5 of Lucifer is still full of mysteries but with the Netflix series, you have to expect everything!

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