Lucifer Receives Official Approval from Netflix for Sixth and Last Season

The expected news for Lucifer from Netflix, one of the most popular online TV series / movie viewing platforms, has finally arrived. It was announced that the series was agreed for the sixth and final season and will be broadcast on Netflix.

The long awaited news by the followers of the Lucifer series came at the end, and it was announced that the series will meet the audience with new episodes on Netflix. The news, which came out with the announcement made through Lucifer’s official Twitter account, managed to receive many interactions, but a sad detail was also shared for followers. It was stated that the 6th season of the series, which will be broadcast on Netflix soon, will be the final season.

As the recallers know, the series, which met the audience on Fox screens for 3 years before being canceled, was transferred to Netflix in 2018 with its fourth season. Season 5 deals were completed for Lucifer, whose season 4 was broadcast on Netflix, but the release date was delayed. It has been an occasional information since last year when the 6th season will be the final season, but no official statement has been made yet. In the new season announcement made via Twitter on Tuesday, it became clear that this was the final season.

Not much information has been given about the new season yet:

Although a short video was published after the news of the final season, we have to say that not too much detail has been given yet. At the moment, there is no information on how many episodes of the 6th season will be published. It is known that the first season of the series is 13 episodes, the second season is 18 episodes, the third season is 26 episodes, the 4th season is 10 episodes, and the 5th season is 16 episodes.

The subject of the series, which tells about the events around Lucifer, the character that Tom Ellis gave life, focuses on our main character working in partnership with LAPD in order to overthrow the criminals. In addition to this, the cast also includes names such as Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, Scarlett Estevez and Rachael Harris. Exciting waiting is continuing with this announcement of Netflix, which announced the expected season 5 release date as August 21.

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