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EXCLUSIVE: At lunch break Thursday on the first day of shooting his first American film Bones and all, director Luca Guadagnino spoke of seizing the opportunity to reunite with Call me by your name cohorts Timothée Chalamet and Michael Stuhlbarg, which he added to the cast with André Holland, Jessica Harper, Chloe Sevigny, Francesca Scorsese (the HBO series created by Guadagnino We are who we are), and David Gordon-Green – yes, the Halloween director. They join previously announced Chalamet, Taylor Russell and Mark Rylance.

Michael Stuhlbarg, André Holland
Mega; PA

To fans of the Oscar nominee for Best Picture Call me by your name who were hoping for a sequel, Guadagnino made it doubtful. Everything got complicated. Chalamet will be busy making blockbusters like Dune sequels and playing young Willy Wonka, and co-star Armie Hammer has been pulled from numerous projects due to troubling off-camera allegations. But the point is, Guadagnino himself is busy moving forward on his own films. At some point he is expected to set a new screenwriter (Oscar winner James Ivory had no plans to return), but it looks like the director has moved on.

Timothée Chalamet will play Willy Wonka in Warner Bros’ New Origin Tale and The Roald Dahl Story Co

“The truth is, my heart is still here, but I’m working on this movie now, and I hope I’ll do Scarface soon, and I have a lot of projects so I will focus on this side of the Atlantic and the films I want to make.

David Gordon Greene, Francesca Scorsese
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Bones and all is an adaptation of Camille DeAngelis’ novel scripted by longtime Guadagnino collaborator David Kajganich, with whom he made Suspiria and Greater splash. The film is shot in the tri-state area of ​​Ohio and is the first that Guadagnino has shot on American soil.

“I have been totally influenced by American culture, American cinema and now the American landscape, so I am very happy and proud to have finally arrived on this shore,” the Italian filmmaker told Deadline. “The last few months have been amazing for me, getting to know this part of the country, which is beautiful and invisible.”

The film is the story of a first love between Maren, a young woman who learns to survive on the fringes of society, and Lee, an intense and disenfranchised wanderer, as they meet and reunite for a a thousand mile odyssey that takes them through the back roads, hidden passages and traps of Ronald Reagan’s America. But despite their best efforts, all roads lead to their terrifying past and a final position that will determine whether their love can outlast their otherness. Guadagnino fell in love with it on first reading and immediately saw Chalamet, Russell, Stuhlbarg in key roles and thought of his filmmaker pal Green for another role.

Chloë Sévigny, Trent Reznor

“I had received this wonderful script from David Kajganich, and as I read it, I felt like I knew how to make this movie,” Guadagnino said. “At the same time, the second I read it, I thought to myself, I think only Timothy can play this role. It was a happy coincidence because he was in Rome and I was in Rome and we met after this year of Covid constriction, and we got to meet and hang out together. He’s fantastic, a great performer and to see him soar like he does now, I’m proud of him. And this character is something very new to him, both endearing and heartbreaking.

“I’ve been a Taylor Russell fan ever since I saw her in Waves, and I made a point of making sure we found something to do together, ”he said. “When I read the script, I went straight to her because she is such a smart and sane actress. It’s a very romantic story, about the impossibility of love and yet the need for it. “Here. Even in extreme circumstances. Timmy and Taylor have this power, this shining power, to portray these universal feelings.”

He had the same strong feeling about Stuhlbarg, though it looks like he’ll play a cousin closer to the fierce Mafia boss from the Showtime mini. Your Honor, that the kind father who helped his son during a first turbulent love affair in Call me by your name.

“I had made a documentary on Salvatore Ferragamo the Shoemaker, and Michael was playing Ferragamo’s voice, so our relationship was never interrupted,” he said. “Here, he’s playing someone who’s going to put the audience in suspense, and the feeling of nervousness that can come from him in a very humanistic way, it’s incredible. I don’t want to say more.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the emergence of Green, who has moved into the genre space with his Halloween reboot, and a TV version of Hellraiser for HBO.

“David is my friend, a great filmmaker, and when I read these roles I thought of Michael and David,” Guadagnino said. “When I sent the script to David, he said, ‘you’re crazy, and I’m’ in. ‘So he’s in. I asked him to radically change his look and he did. I like to discover, so I launch the acting career of David Gordon Green, the great filmmaker.

Guadagnino decorator decorator Elliott Hostetter (We are who we are), cinematographer Arseni Khatchatouran, frequent collaborator of Guadagnino Giulia Piersanti to design the costumes, with make-up by Fernanda Perez and hair by Massimo Gattabrusi. Francine Maisler is the casting director.

While he left his homeland to shoot this film in the United States, Bones and all would not be possible without the full funding of Italian companies The Apartment Pictures (a Fremantle company), Enzio Ricci’s 3 Marys, Memo, Tender Stories, Adler, Elafood, Elafilm, Manila, Serfis and Wise.

Pic is a production of A Frenesy Film Company and Per Capita Productions, produced by Kajganich, Theresa Park for Per Capita Productions, Guadagnino and Marco Morabito for Frenesy Film Company, Francesco Melzi d’Eril and Gabriele Moratti for Memo, Lorenzo Mieli for The Apartment Pictures and Peter Spears for Cor Cordium. Giovanni Corrado and Raffaella Viscardi are the executive producers. Sales will be handled by The Apartment Pictures (a Fremantle company), Frenesy Film, Memo and 3 Marys.

Chalamet is replaced by UTA and Lev Ginsburg in Ginsburg, Daniels, Kallis; Russell by UTA and James Feldman at Lichter, Grossman; Rylance by CAA, and Jodi Peikoff at Peikoff Mahan; Kajganich by Anonymous, UTA and Alan Wertheimer at Jackoway Tyerman; Guadagnino by Range Media Partners, WME, and Carlos Goodman at Goodman, Genow.

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