LOVE: What changes occur in the brain with it?

Scientific studies guarantee that when the brain connects with love, it becomes different, producing dopamine and other substances.

Daniel López Rosetti, an Argentine cardiologist, comments in a study that he realized that the brain is not the same with or without love. The brain in love is different, since it produces an increase in dopamine, the substance responsible for happiness. Feelings give rise to a series of connected neurological and biochemical disorders in the brain

Neuron connections

The specialist commented that due to the plasticity of the brain, new neuronal connections are formed in the brain and produce a palpable physical change in its structure; something similar to what happens in learning or socialization processes, but in this case motivated by love.

Rosetti said in his statements that the oldest feeling is love. And it was he who determined that male and female are closer together so that the young can survive.

On the other hand, the doctor explained that love is capable of activating specific areas in the brain such as the insula, also known as the fifth lobe of the brain, which collects functions related to love and hate.

“Love and hate coexist in the same brain area,” said Dr. López Rosetti.

And sexual desire

Other investigations, likewise, have revealed that when a person’s brain is monitored and urged to speak about the person they love, there are very specific sections that are activated; areas other than sexual desire, for example.

The areas that light up with sexual desire, said the expert, are also activated when the person emotionally perceives that the person who is physically attracted to them is also excited, added that a kind of reciprocal sexual activation.

How love is well known is a unique feeling like all other sensations, capable of making us feel different emotions, to the point of revolutionizing us both physically and mentally.

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