‘Lord Of The Rings’ Online Role-Playing Game Canceled By Amazon – Deadline

Stalled contract negotiations led to Amazon’s cancellation of an online role-playing game based on the the Lord of the Rings series.

Amazon’s video game division canceled the game, according to Bloomberg. The game was announced in 2019 and was in development at Amazon Game Studios in partnership with Chinese Leyou Technologies Holdings, which was purchased by Tencent Holdings in December.

This purchase resulted in a dispute between Amazon and Tencent, Bloomberg said, leading to the game’s cancellation.

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed this to Bloomberg. “We have not been able to secure the conditions to continue with this title at this time.”

The snafu marks the latest setback for Amazon’s struggling games division, Bloomberg reported. The Amazon team working on the game will be moved to other projects. “We love the intellectual property of Lord of the Rings and are disappointed that we are not making this game available to customers,” the Amazon statement said.

Amazon is heavily invested in the the Lord of the Rings. It is currently producing a television show based on the book and movie franchise and is said to have invested $ 465 million in its first season. This follows the $ 250 million used to secure the rights.

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