Loki episode 2 review: Not “Lady Loki” but a lover? Spider-Man’s Doctor Strange Multiverse Connect

Loki episode 2 review: Not “Lady Loki” but a lover? Doctor Strange, Spider-Man’s Multiverse Connect and more theories covered! (Photo credit – Instagram / IMDb)

It’s not just your usual Wednesday; It’s the day of Loki Episode 2 and the 50 minute runtime creates a whirlwind of theories that need to be addressed. The discussion of the “fluid genre” around Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is clearer, but is it enough? There is Lady Loki and [spoiler alert] no, she is not a simple extension of the already established character.

Yes, there is a huge “multiverse” connection clue and that’s why we’re sure there could be a healthy dose of Doctor Strange, Spider-Man to amplify things.

Let’s take a look at five theories that Loki Episode 2 spawned.

Loki episode 2 review: Not
(Photo credit: Marvel / A Still From Loki)

Isn’t her name (yet) Lady Loki?

If you remember Episode 1, our very own God Of Mischief is brought on board by TVA (Time Variance Authority) to capture a version of himself. Yes, it’s Lady Loki (played by Sophia Di Martino), but we don’t think Marvel would be so lazy to call her that. If you are patient enough to watch the credits, you will see that “Lady Loki” is credited as “The Variant”. So, let’s not name it yet because even Natalie Portman is called “Mighty Thor” and not “Lady Thor”. We hope she has a catchy name like “Discreet Loki” or “Horrible But Sexy Loki”. Marvel knows their stuff; I’m sure they’ll find something cool (more than that).

Loki episode 2 review: Not
(Photo credit: Marvel / Doctor Strange Posters, Spider-Man)

A Doctor Strange, Spider-Man multiverse connection?

This episode develops by teasing this “other variation” of the main character until it reveals what she’s up to. From now on, we see her bombarding the “sacred timeline,” which disrupts all timelines across the universe. We learn why she was stealing reset fees, only to send them back to various points, creating too many branches of the timeline to control. It’s something that could lead to a “multiverse war” involving the help of Doctor Strange and (we’re getting very ambitious here) Spider-Man. Yes, Marvel cheated on us while we waited for the Sorcerer Supreme to appear in WandaVision, but we’re so close here. Loki Episode 2 leaves us on earth in 2050 and isn’t it Sorcerer Supreme’s job to protect the earth from magical and mystical threats? Could this lead to including traces of Doctor Strange in the Madness & Spider-Man: No Way Home multiverse? We are very optimistic!

Loki episode 2 review: Not
(Photo credit: Marvel / A Still From Loki)

Is there a love story to come?

Lady Loki (let’s call her that until we know her name) is here and as mentioned, she’s a different person than Tom Hiddleston’s version. Lady Loki’s sudden appearance comes as no shock as we’ve known for months now (after the leaked photos of Sophia Di Martino in the “Loki Like” costume). But, the question of whether the God of Mischief transforms into Lady Loki is now resolved. The show’s trailer previously raised the question of a “love trail” between Loki and Lady Loki, where we saw them sitting together in a purple dystopian setting (see image above). Loki’s episode 2 climax shows him following his female counterpart rather than waiting for his brother and “MIB-type partner” Mobius (Owen Wilson).

Loki episode 2 review: Not
(Photo credit: Marvel / A Still From Loki)

What about the fluidity of genres?

The whole debate about Loki being gender fluid came up after the first episode showed her gender fluid on a document. Distinguishing Lady Loki from Tom Hiddleston’s version indicates how Marvel might find an easy way out. Was the mention of “fluid” just a teasing gimmick, or is there more to it? The introduction of the female counterpart reduces the chances of continuing this trail, but let’s wait and see if Marvel could finally break their low image of lazy / ugly by reaching out to the LGBTQ community.

Loki episode 2 review: Not
(Photo credit: Marvel / Loki character posters)

The origin story of Ravonna Renslayer

Outside of the Loki & Lady Loki subplot, there’s something going on with Mobius & Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw). Ravonna’s character juggles her position as Mobius’ superior and friend depending on the situation. In his office, when Mobius signs the papers, we see “Franklin D Roosevelt High School” written on his pen. It’s still unclear what the makers are referring to, but surely it has to do something with Ravonna Renslayer’s origin story. Would this also be a love track to watch out for in the show?

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