Lizzo slipped into Chris Evans’ DM Instagram AKA Captain America posting a TikTok video saying, “Don’t drink and DM, kids …”

Lizzo slipped into Chris Evans’ DM Instagram AKA Captain America, posting a TikTok video saying, “Don’t drink and DM, kids…” – Deets Inside (Photo credit – Getty images)

Melissa Viviane Jefferson, popularly known as Lizzo by her stage name, has become a big name in recent years. From her incredible songs such as ‘Truth Hurts’, ‘Good As Hell’ to the constant spread of body positivity messages with her red carpet appearances and Instagram post, the 32-year-old singer has definitely made it happen. grow his fan around the world. And guess what, Lizzo just slipped into Chris Evans aka Captain America’s Instagram DM.

Haha, no we’re not kidding. We are serious. The Truth Hurts frontman made a TikTok video about sliding into Evans’ DM and shared a video on the platform.

Sharing the video on TikTok, Lizzo wrote, “Don’t drink or DM, kids…. For legal porpoises, that’s a joke.” The singer also shared the screenshot of her Instagram post in the video she sent to Chris Evans aka Captain America and had a blustery emoji, a basketball player and a ball.

The emoji means she was firing her shot but received no response from Captain America. He hasn’t even checked or opened the message yet.

If you are a fan of Lizzo, you know her love for Chris Evans because she has spoken about it time and time again.

Lizzo says in the video, “The reason I’m upset about this one is because I know I won’t be able to marry him, and honestly, it hurts my heart.”

She went on and said, “Because damn daddy, this is a rare breed, without comparison.”

In 2019, Lizzo first went public with her love – Chris Evans, after tweeting a video of a little girl dancing to her song, Juice.

A month later, when the singer appeared at the MTV Awards, an interviewer asked if she got a response from Evans to which the Truth Hurts frontman replied: “The f *** no.”

Lizzo went on to say, “It’s Chris Evans. He does not answer. If he answered, I wouldn’t be here at the moment. I would be on my honeymoon.

Meanwhile, Chris was spotted romancing Lily James last year, so it’s hard to predict the state of his relationship right now.

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