LiveXLive Media Appoints Andy Vick Head of Programming and EVP, StudioOne – Deadline

LiveXLive Media, owner of PodcastOne, Slacker Radio, React presents and Custom Personalization Solutions, has named Andy Vick head of programming and executive vice president of StudioOne, the new content division of LiveXLive.

StudioOne will focus on the development and distribution of original new shows and flagship events on the LiveXLive platform, including LiveXLive’s linear OTT channel, social media channels and network.

Vick will create and develop digital native content to attract subscribers, sponsors and new revenue streams on the LiveXLive flywheel – “listen, watch, assist, engage and transact” – audio, video, podcast / vodcasts, live streaming, virtual goods, merchandise and pay-per-views. Podcasts will expand to include videos and new scripted shows for the LiveXLive platform, as well as content licenses to Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services.

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StudioOne will also develop a wide range of industry partnerships including, but not limited to, content partners, distribution and licensing agreements, talent, agencies and management teams. StudioOne will also serve as a creative sales support system by developing personalized and co-branded content for the brand’s clients.

Vick is a senior executive who has worked in the entertainment and technology industries for 15 years in strategic and creative leadership roles. Most recently, Vick was President of Virtual Reality and Immersive Entertainment at STX Entertainment, a global media company specializing in the development, production, marketing and distribution of talent-driven content.

In 2015, he co-founded and served as Director of Content for Surreal, Inc., an award-winning production company focused on immersive content and technology. Facebook and YouTube have secured Surreal under major production deals to help them launch their own immersive video products. Under Vick, Surreal has produced over 100 VR experiences that have generated hundreds of millions of views on social media and YouTube. Talented collaborators included Tom Cruise, Gordon Ramsey, Jimmy Kimmel and Key & Peele.

“LiveXLive is purposefully designed for a future where talent and partners can step through the front door and plug directly into their full, fully integrated flywheel,” said Vick. “From interactive live streaming to video on demand, podcasts, digital radio, OTT apps, in-person events and personalized physical goods… they’re a one-stop-shop. Everyone knows this is where the music and entertainment industry is headed, and luckily for me, LiveXLive is already here. I am honored by this opportunity and look forward to working with the LiveXLive team to continue to push the boundaries. “

LiveXLive President Dermot McCormack said, “We continue to rely on our exceptional and experienced team of successful and highly enterprising executives and operational leaders. I look forward to working closely with Andy to build a unified vision between content creation and distribution. Andy will work with the leadership team to define a digital content strategy that ties directly to the entire LiveXLive flywheel. “

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