Lilly Wachowski Teams Up With OTV Studio To Amplify Marginalized Voices – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Lilly Wachowski, who is best known for the original Revolutionary Matrix franchise, is partnering with IP incubator OTV Studio as a key partner in their work to create career paths for intersectional film and television creatives.

All of the artists under the OTV Studio umbrella are intersectional, which means they hold more of a historically marginalized identity.

“As a queer trans woman, I am keenly aware of the multitude of seen and unseen forces that have held me on this Earth,” Wachowski said. “The people who have kept me afloat with their support and love. The artists who inspired me and the women, queer and trans people who forged paths that I could follow. I want to be that for others: trans and non-binary people, homosexuals, blacks and browns. “

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“Lilly approached me early in the development of our business with a desire to collaborate to elevate LGBTQ + and BIPOC creators,” added Stephanie Jeter, CEO of OTV Studio. “My co-founders and I couldn’t be happier with this partnership.”

Wachowski joins OTV Studio as a Creative Advisor and Strategic Partner, drawing on her 25 years of experience in the film and television industry. In addition to The matrix franchise, Wachowski’s credits also include Sense8 and Work in progress, which is currently in production for its second season. His partnership with OTV Studio includes mentoring emerging talent as well as a possible attachment as an executive producer for certain projects.

OTV Studio is a for-profit spin-off of the non-profit distribution platform OTV | Open Television, launched in 2015. “OTV Studio is the result of over 10 years of research on how to revolutionize development by embracing fairness and efficiency in digital production and distribution,” says Aymar Jean Christian , co-founder of OTV Studio. OTV Studio’s core team is complemented by Julie Keck, Director of Business Development and Strategic Advisor Oscar Dang.

“Solidarity, community and connectivity have never been more important concepts in response to the world in recent history,” Wachowski said. “I am grateful to OTV Studio for welcoming me to their team to help them, and their artist collective, realize their new and vital visions.”

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