Lili Reinhart invites her fans to chat with her by message!

Lili Reinhart fans got a little surprise on Instagram! From now on, her admirers can contact her by text Surprise! Lili Reinhart has just made her fans happy. Via video, the actress ensured they could contact her whenever they wanted.

More and more of you are following Lili Reinhart’s daily life via her social networks. The essential star of the “Riverdale” series, the young woman is one of the most talented actresses of her generation.

Unfortunately this year, many of its projects have been put on standby. However, the star continued to give her news via her Instagram account.

She has over 25 million subscribers on this social network. Class!

And Lili Reinhart shares a lot of things there! His looks of the moment, his trips with his friends. But also his incredible shootings.

Very often, Lili Reinhart exclusively reveals the magazine covers she does! And his followers are always unanimous and won over by the star’s clichés. The proof in pictures!


In good times as in bad times, Lili Reinhart has always been able to count on the unconditional support of her fans.

On the Internet, discussion forums focused on the actress’s career are numerous. Just like the Fanpages!

And his most ardent admirers do not hesitate to defend their idol when the latter is splashed by a scandal. Touched, Lili Reinhart therefore decided to give them a little surprise.

And to do so, she posted an adorable post via her Instagram account. Facing the camera, the young woman explains that she has created a switchboard for her fans.

Wanting to strengthen his ties with his community, this project was obviously close to his heart. Smiling, Lili Reinhart encourages her subscribers to send her lots of messages!

She also ensures that she will try to answer all her followers who have supported her enormously for the release of her book “Swimming Lessons”. And that the “same” are obviously welcome!

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