LeBron James explains why he removed tweet from ‘You’re Next’ – Deadline

Los Angeles Lakers star and actor / entertainment producer LeBron James posted about his reasons for deleting what some considered to be an inflammatory tweet regarding the police shooting and the death of a 16-year-old black girl in Columbus, Ohio .

Earlier today, James posted a tweet that showed a photo of the white policeman who shot Ma’khia Bryant. Agent Nicholas Reardon’s photo had a caption that read, “You’re the next #Responsibility.” The legend also had an hourglass emoji.

Some took this as a threat and James deleted the tweet after a firestorm hit. In the early evening, he posted his thoughts on why he posted the messages.

In the Columbus incident, video showed the officer arriving at the scene and being confronted with an ongoing brawl. Bryant was seen on video waving a knife and apparently threatening another girl. Reardon yelled “Get off!” then fired four times, killing Bryant.

James, from Akron, Ohio, later explained his initial anger.

“I am so tired of seeing black people killed by the police. I took the tweet because it is used to create more hate – it is not about an officer. it’s about the whole system and they always use our words to create more racism. I need more RESPONSIBILITY so badly. “

He added, “Anger is good for each of us and that includes me! Gather all the facts and educate the fact though!

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