Learn as directed from Michael Mann’s ‘Heat’ robbery commentary

heat has one of the most realistic robbery scenes ever. How did Michael Mann do it?

Film school is very expensive and doesn’t really make sense for most people. If you want to learn how to make movies, you have to go out and do it and then take the time to hear how the big guys do great things. This is why I find it so important to find the comment titles for your favorite movies.

It is the directors who lead you through all of their trials and difficulties that brought you to the perfect ending. You can learn a ton from one.

One of the most generous directors at these meetings is Michael Mann. He has several masterpieces under his belt, but my favorite is heat and its amazing raid scene that felt real, raw, and powerful. Check out Mann’s comment below and let’s talk after the break.

Learn from Michael Mann heat Raid comment

Man let the scene set up before he speaks, and I can already feel the score beating my heart in my chest. The scene is based on two ideas. The robbers attack a bank with a plan that they know will work. And the cops are running out of tip they think will be this robbery.

The cops have no idea what they will find when they show up. The robbers hope they can get away clean.

This is how the beginning of the scene unfolds. How do you make this look real?

First, you need to train your team. Robert DeNiro and Val Kilmer spent weeks studying military tactics and shooting at a range. Apparently DeNiro was a pretty good shot. This training informed their movements in the bank because they look like professionals.

Counselors helped them learn where to point their rifles and how to be armed. Man first paid attention to details. They have long guns, side arms, and body armor. They also have the right amount of magazines.

This all helps create a version of reality for the audience.

When filming began, they used real-life robbery and shooting stories to plan their actions. The shooting through the windshield was something they’d heard in Northern Ireland and that was what they wanted to recreate here.

When it came to special effects, they wanted them to be real too. So they put all the cars on the track and filled them with holes. Then they used Bondo to paint them. In the scene, they fire quids on the side of the cars that blow the bondo away, revealing real gun holes.

Again, realism is key.

Finally, let’s talk about the character. The policeman against the robber. The way they act in these scenes really shows this. We have a man willing to kill anyone but his crew to get his money. While the other has a lot of emotional issues, he really wants to keep people safe. When it comes to fleeing, we see the robber who is ready for anything and the police officer who is forced to rescue civilians instead of actually hunting.

It’s all exquisite and a master class in directing skills that come together.

Love you heat? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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