Lasse Hallström to direct Hilma Af Klint biopic with Lena Olin – Deadline

Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group), a leading digital player in Scandinavia, is committed to producing two English-language films per year which will debut directly on its Viaplay streaming service.

The first project will be Hilma, a biopic of Swedish revolutionary artist and feminist pioneer Hilma af Klint, written and directed by Oscar nominated Lasse Hallström for The rules of the cider houseand My dog ​​life. Photo will feature Lena Olin (Enemies, a love story) as Klint, with Hallström’s daughter, Tora Hallström (Hachi: a dog’s tale) depicting the artist in his youth.

The project will debut exclusively on NENT Group’s streaming service Viaplay in 2022. The film is produced by NENT Studios with Helena Danielsson as producer and Josephine Zapata Genetay as executive producer.

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Hilma and our upcoming films clarify the ambitions of NENT Group. No one in the Nordic region thinks that big, ”said Filippa Wallestam, NENT Group Content Manager. “Hilma af Klint literally changed the way we see the world. She happens to be Swedish, but her story says something important to audiences around the world. It’s so special to work with talent of the caliber of Lasse, Lena and Tora, and it’s even better when the project means so much to everyone involved.

“In today’s highly competitive streaming world, it’s essential to stand out and be relevant. For us, building on who we are, where we come from and what we stand for is a very clear differentiator that will support our vision of becoming the European streaming champion. Today’s news is a great springboard in this adventure, ”added Anders Jensen, President and CEO of the NENT Group. “The impact that the women and men of the small Nordic countries have had on the world is nothing short of extraordinary. Many are of course well known, but others are less well known, if not almost unknown. We want to share these stories with the world and hopefully find new perspectives that will both enlighten and entertain.

“I spent three years trying to figure out the mystery of Hilma af Klint,” Hallström added. “It’s a story about an unwavering search for the truth about humanity and the universe, at a time when men made all the rules. Despite so many obstacles, Hilma has created art that influences our lives today. My ambition is for the public to experience these struggles with all of their senses.

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